Memory Care

Those living with memory loss face some of the greatest challenges of aging. At Trouvés St. Ann, we help residents and their families deal with these challenges through a results-oriented approach to care that that uses cutting-edge activities and therapies – including music, art, animals, spiritual care, and individualized therapy as needed – to engage their minds, bodies and spirits.

Part of creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our residents includes getting to know each resident’s interests, hobbies, passions and desires. We do this by working with family members to identify sources of joy and use this information to tailor activities to each resident’s taste. By creating an environment created just for them, our residents are able to participate in life with interest and enthusiasm.


Staying engaged in life is at the heart of remaining healthy and happy as we age. Trouvés’ activity program offers a variety of options and helps promote enjoyment while supporting life skills. The treatment team determines the resident’s needs and desires and identifies these in the care plan. Some of our activities include:

  • Community outings
  • Gardening
  • Horse therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Trivia and memory activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Wordworking
  • Spiritual services
  • Sewing, knitting and crocheting
  • Cooking
  • Bingo
  • On-site concerts
  • Walks

Health and Wellness

Nutrition is a critical component to the health of our residents. Trouvés works closely with the University of Washington to study how nutrition may improve memory care. Trouvés menus include fresh, organic food, presented in an elegant and appealing manner. We serve our food on bold, colored plates that make of the food easier to see and entice consumption.

Physical movement is also essential to a person’s overall well-being. Trouvés offers daily activities including strolling among beautiful grounds, gardening, and exercise classes. We work diligently to ensure everyone is able to participate in group activities, regardless of mobility challenges or ability level.

For residents who rely on medication to maintain wellness, we monitor medications under the direction of the resident’s physician and/or psychiatrist. Staff members are trained to be alert to spot and report any change in a resident’s behavior. The treatment team is always available to support the resident and works closely with their physician to ensure their needs are being met.

Employee Training

Memory care requires a special kind of person and we help ensure that our team is not only skilled to deal with the many issues that arise, but are compassionate individuals who feel a special bond with our residents. Our staff gets ongoing, specialized training in memory care and the support they need to be fully present and available to each and every resident.